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We have a careful selection process for our writers. Our writers have been students and have either Ph.D. degrees, postgraduate or first-class honors undergraduate degrees. We verify their degree, and previous work they have written, including essays and thesis work. Our team reviews all previous essays and papers to make sure their writing is high quality and follows academic standards – from referencing to format. We also make sure there’s proof of high marks in all essays they’ve submitted. We want to make sure they are right for our dissertation writing service, so they are right for you too.

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If you want to buy a Ph.D. dissertation or buy an original dissertation then our buying process couldn’t be simpler. Our dissertation writing service has been designed to make it easy for you to order your paper quickly. Visit our buying page, pick the type of paper you want (full dissertation, part dissertation) and the time you need it. From there you review our writers and their experience and select the best writer from your academic field that best suits your paper. You can communicate with your writer as much as you want, and provide them with all the information you have, or they can do all the work, whatever is most convenient for you.

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