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How to review literature in your dissertation

Review of literature in your dissertation Starting to work on a dissertation is a big step in an academic life of many Ph.D. level graduates. This may become the beginning of a successful professional career in an academic world. Many scientists spent years on writing perfect research work. There is an uncountable amount of literature […]

How To Write A Dissertation introduction

Introduction Is One of the most important parts Each part of a paper is equally important – from title to conclusion and literature. The least mistake or flaw can spoil the general impression about your masterpiece. When we are speaking about an introduction, responsibility is even greater as it is one of the first parts […]

How to write a good dissertation

Tips and tricks on writing high-quality dissertation Do you want to figure out how to write a good dissertation? There are many advices that can be made according academic writing or starting to write dissertation. Serious preparations should be made before start the process. To learn how to write good dissertation, follow a few overall […]

How to write a dissertation

The importance of writing a thesis Dissertation – is a chance to feel yourself an explorer, to become a main creator of a masterpiece. Your work will be read and evaluated, commented on and discussed. Your paper is going to make other people to think, analyze and conclude. We consider it to be a meaningful […]

How to write dissertation conclusion

Dissertation conclusion Writing a dissertation is a big step in life of every academic worker. The process of writing a research work may become exhausting and take a few months or years. The relief comes with conclusion part. Still, this is not the time to relax because it may appear tricky and students must be […]

How to write discussion in dissertation

What is the most important part of the dissertation? Most Ph.D. students ask this question before creating a time schedule for writing dissertation. It is hard to predict what chapter needs a few days, and what needs a few weeks to be fully completed. Most Ph.D. students consider discussion to be time-consuming. How to write […]

How to write acknowledgement for dissertations

Always share your achievement with people involved However much time and efforts you have spent on doing your dissertation, there are always people, who helped you with that. Searching for you, giving advice, inspiring you or simply supporting – they also have contributed to your dissertation. Dissertation is, of course, a scientific work, but, fortunately, […]

How to write MBA dissertations

Dissertation is a key that opens academic world People who decide to complete MBA dissertation are ready to prove their degree but most of them acknowledge what they are going to do for professional development and professional growth. Paper is a primer step to the world of academic performance and science which made students become […]

How To Write Law Dissertation

How to Write a Good Law Dissertation? Start of every law dissertation is very complicated step. The student already decided to become academic researcher and a paper allows him to enter the world of academic work. Dissertation writing grants the ticket to the future. It gives a chance to become a scientist, philosophy doctor, professor […]