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How To Write Dissertation conclusion

Writing a dissertation is a big step in life of every academic worker. The process of writing a research work may become exhausting and take a few months or years. The relief comes with conclusion part. Still, this is not the time to relax because it may appear tricky and students must be aware of how to write a conclusion for a dissertation.

Not everyone knows how to write dissertation conclusion accurately. Most jury members consider conclusion to be the most informative and important part of the dissertation.  Students often skip this part. Ability to conclude provided information and research is highly appreciated not only by jury members but also in an academic world in a whole.


Conclusion may be included in a discussion section. To check the possibility of combining chapters like discussion, results and conclusion Ph.D. students should check academic rules and regulations issued by their academic institution. No matter is it combined or separate part of the dissertation, rules for writing conclusion are the same. It is necessary to consider all of them.

Main concluding aspects

Concise overview of main issues and findings of the work have to be included in the conclusion. The essential conclusion and importance of the research represented in a dissertation must be mentioned in a precisely described manner. It has to be clear and understandable to everyone. Conclusion of a dissertation must also include recommendations for those who will continue research of the subject described in a thesis and/or for those, who will use the results of the research on practice. The concluding paragraph must close the work.

It is recommended that the length of final part does not exceed seven pages. Most dissertations have around five or six pages of conclusion which mostly consist of precisely described recommendations for researchers and practitioners. Keeping it simple and clear is obligatory. The more people will understand specific theme researched on a paper the better because it includes popularization of science and its simplifying.


Each Ph.D. student must acknowledge how to write research methodology because it is an essential part of every dissertation which explains in broad understanding and philosophical interpretation how stated methods were used to reach the results. It is necessary to include a methodology to a conclusion. The shortened version of stated methods, understanding of theirs implementation and gained results should be mentioned in the final part of a paper.


Discussion is another crucial part of a dissertation paper. Most academic workers consider it to be the most important chapter which combines and represents results, methodology, and its broad representation including interpretation of each aspect of results which stands for stated questions, its practical usage, and specified overview of each. Researchers know how to write dissertation discussion but spend long hours editing, proofreading, and polishing discussion to make it simple, specified and clear to broad auditory. This is the core of dissertation.

Who should I ask for help?

Each Ph.D. student is assigned to a supervisor professor who navigates the process of writing, add comments, corrections, critics, proofread and edit chapters. Supervisor is not always available to provide assistance. Each chapter may need to be corrected up to ten times and practicing professor won’t be glad to read someone’s work and find mistakes. Students often ask more experienced Ph.D. level graduates to read and evaluate dissertation before submission. Sometimes they seek help outside the academic world.

Online writing services

Does online academic assistants worth the attention of people who care about professional academic success? Yes. Skeptics who don’t believe that cheapest dissertation writing services may appear helpful on the way from the beginning till the defense must acknowledge that online writers are there to help. It is not necessarily to order the whole dissertation which supposed to be the great step in professional career, but ordering proofreading and editing services may appear very helpful for everyone.

Online proofreading

Ask for proofreading before applying your thesis. Best dissertation writing service will provide all necessary corrections including formatting, style, correcting mistakes, improving a structure and give advices on changing the content. Using online proofreading services will save your time and prevent from stress. Supervisor will appreciate proofread works. You will improve your authority by applying paper which needs fewer corrections to be made.


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