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How to write a discussion section in the dissertation?

What is the most important part of the dissertation? Most Ph.D. students ask this question before creating a time schedule for writing dissertation. It is hard to predict what chapter needs a few days, and what needs a few weeks to be fully completed. Most Ph.D. students consider discussion to be time-consuming. How to write dissertation discussion and do not fail time schedule? Let’s discuss it.

Discussion in dissertation

It is one of the final chapters of the dissertation which considered being the most informative from the point of view of novelty and studying itself. Discussion is a chapter where concluded all analysis of data represented in previous chapters. It is a conclusion part of a thesis. Not many researchers manage to acknowledge how to write this part of a dissertation accurately without a necessity to rewrite it after proofreading.

Discussion and other sections

Students prefer to combine chapters with conclusion or results. Most of them know how to write discussion in dissertation together with results or conclusion because discussion already includes a part that summarizes all previously represented data and material. The possibility to combine two sections into one appears to be attractive for many Ph.D. students. It is necessary to check academic requirements. If such combination is not allowed then it is necessary to know how to write a discussion section.

Results section

This chapter precedes discussion section. It explains the result of the previously performed research and represents any statistical analysis. Accordance to previously stated methods is compulsory in this chapter because each method is to be used to gain stated result. Logical structure is important. The information in this section must also stand for questions of the given work.

Keeping results clear is crucial. Tables are better to be shortened to be understandable and clear to readers. There is no need to provide all the supporting results, but only those, which are important for particular research. Usage of graphs is preferable because it structures given information and makes it significant.

Discussion section

This chapter follows results section. Here all the material is represented in previous tables and graphs are to be explained and discussed with reference to already existing study of this subject explained in provided literature of the dissertation. This section explains how to write a literature based dissertation and connect those two aspects to approve a research work described in this thesis and show its accordance to the previously published material.

Discussion justifies used approaches in the study. This is the right part of the research where a Ph.D. student has a chance to describe an understanding of the future implementation of research work. This is the longest part of the dissertation and considered to be the most important by many academic workers; the more specifics are included here the better. Critical evaluation is another point. It must also be mentioned in this part of the research work.

Research methodology

Special attention must be paid to an acknowledgement of how to write research methodology. This section precedes previous but it is as important. It describes a philosophical aspect of methods represented earlier and used in the study and explained why chosen methods were implemented in this work. Methodology explains the chosen basis and literature used for proceeding work described in this dissertation.

The importance of these chapters is doubtless. Which part must be treated more carefully and accurately is decided by the researcher. Every chapter demands special attention, investigation, analysis, consideration, and research. Each of chapters is equally valuable.  Writer should consider this when planning the work on particular parts.

Final proofreading

When you are not sure about a part or whole thesis then there are dissertation writers hire, who will assist every questionable issue of the provided work and give valuable advices on its improvements. Online dissertation writing services are not only writing research works but also provide high-quality proofreading services which are needed to every student before applying the work. Editors can edit a single chapter.

If you have finished your chapters but are not assured in its quality then stop hesitating and hire professional to evaluate it. Applying already proofread thesis to your professor enlarge chances to successful defense and reduce the necessity to rewrite it again.


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