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Dissertation is a key that opens academic world

People who decide to complete MBA dissertation are ready to prove their degree but most of them acknowledge what they are going to do for professional development and professional growth. Paper is a primer step to the world of academic performance and science which made students become scientists, philosophy doctors, researchers, professors etc.

What is the content?

Most people are familiar with MBA dissertation is and its structure. It contains several sections and strict rules for writing which are defined and specified by a committee. There are many academic requirements for each work depending on theme and content. Some papers appeared to be correctly edited but shows lack of content. It doesn’t mean that there are not enough pages but it means there is not enough actual research made by student.

How to write a unique dissertation

MBA dissertation is an application to join the area of academic work that gives a chance to gain academic degree. It transfers students to academic and scientific world. Every student knows how to write essays, term papers and course works, which mean that one student can write about ten essays during one term on different topics. Writing dissertation doesn’t have these privileges.

Single research for several years

Academic researcher who decided to write MBA dissertation is concentrated on a single thesis or topic which was previously discussed during a few years with other professors. It has to be deep and valuable academic work. Term or course work doesn’t have this value that transfers student to a new level because it is limited by singe course which is usually stated by professor. Dissertation gives researcher a chance to find his own scientific and academic path and choose any topic that is valuable in modern world.

What should a student write about?

First of all every researcher must be aware of the topic he wants to explore and spend plenty of time considering different options. This step is important on the very beginning of the study. Professors used to recommend continuing previously performed course or term works or develop in specific field that was discussed before. This question has to be answered a few years beforehand while being a student. It is easier to collect conclusions that have been reached during a few years of constant academic work than write everything from scratch.

There are so many topics. How to pick one?

The branch of science has to be chosen correctly and accurately with help of previous experience and course works. It takes a few months to do some previous search and state the final topic. It must not be already explored in academic world because value of the research in MBA dissertation is very important for modern scientists and those who will choose the same topic in future.

Connection with real world

Besides the work itself it is important to show its influence for modern world. The paper must have practical application which is useful for brunches of everyday human life. It has to be useful and helpful for other workers of this brunch as well. It is also important to give the basis for future academic workers to continue scientific search and make your MBA dissertation be cited in other works.


The important part of every MBA dissertation is citation because it prevents researchers from doing the same work that have been already done by other researcher. The research itself is reading and analyzing previous achievements in the topic.

Own research and conclusions

Besides the citation and describing previous achievements student should mention his own thoughts and novelty, which is also important. The work has to be analyzed and concluded according to the requirements. The conclusion must be open in order to be able to continue research or give this chance to other explorers.



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