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Tips on Writing An Abstract For Dissertation

In your dissertation, you will have to show not only your researching skills, but also your skill to summarize the text. At first sight, what can be easier than to choose several most important and key sentences from the whole work and put them down in your abstract. But the thing is not so simple as it seems to be. Your work will be more than 100 pages and the abstract is a few of them. And be sure that you will questionably find sentences good for this part of your work. How to write an abstract for a dissertation? I would like to assimilate it to a movie trailer. From the duration of 2 hours experts have to create the two-minute product, which must convey the substance of the whole film. And I doubt whether the reader will read it after reading the whole content. It is more likely that it is going to be read before reading the whole paper and the first emotion about your professionalism will come definitely after it.

Keep Your Mind Clear

Solving the problem «how to write a dissertation abstract» try to keep the mind clear or ask for help.  The abstract for the dissertation is the same as for an article or a book – the same purpose of writing and the same effect we want to cause. The only difference is the amount of sentences and, of course, the nature of subject. In general, you will highlight your every chapter in one sentence, when creating the work. The sentence must be pretty clear, full and impressive. Successfully done abstract helps the writer to fix his own achievements and the reader to avoid insignificant questions and comments.  Think about the subject’s topicality, why it is so important today and why more attention must be paid to the theme. Then, you must write about how you are going to investigate the topic and contribute to the study. Describe the methods, principles, references you have used when writing your work.

Okay, Let’s Create A Structure of Dissertation Abstract

It is often easier to write the abstract when you understand an order of its parts. The approximate structure is:

  • What have you explored?
  • Why was it done?
  • How was it studied?
  • The result of an investigation.
  • The value of your findings.

After analyzing these issues you will know how to write a dissertation abstract. Also, show that before starting your project you have read a lot of sources, which are dedicated to the chosen theme. List several of them and emphasize what aspect of the topic is not opened enough or not explored at all. Do not use general phrases, which talk about nothing. Always try to specify sentences due to your topic, because it is important, and the reader must feel you are really concerned about what is going on. Remember that the abstract is written by joint efforts of the writer and his mentor, so do not neglect asking help.

Writing A Good Dissertation Abstract

To brief the information, imagine that you have your parts of work, each part is very important and you have spent a lot of time doing it. But now you need to sum up every part, to show what you have done and what issues where discovered. Moreover, you will face the occasion of dissertation proofreading. During the process, the defects can be found and corrected. The dissertation is a complicated thing, if you decided to write it you are already a winner, but a part of job though can be transferred to the experts. For example, if you feel your result must be reviewed by the professional and your supervisor can not do it, consider the opportunity to ask it from dissertation editing services. A lot of other answers like «how to write dissertation proposal» or «how to write a good dissertation title» are just around the corner or maybe, you have already passed them. But the help is always available for those, who is searching for.


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