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Tips and tricks on writing high-quality dissertation

Do you want to figure out how to write a good dissertation? There are many advices that can be made according academic writing or starting to write dissertation. Serious preparations should be made before start the process. To learn how to write good dissertation, follow a few overall daytime rules.


When planning how to write an excellent dissertation make scratches until you find a perfect plan that includes all necessary chapters of your future dissertation. Create your plan accurately. Note that the structure of a thesis may vary depending on the subject, theme and the scope of chosen research. Here are some tips on how to structure dissertation. It must include following parts:

  • Proposal of research
  • Introductory part
  • Review of literature
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion and appendixes

This structure depends on the topic. Some academic institutions issue rules which allow combining sections like results, discussion and conclusion. Always check the rules and regulations of your academic institutions before starting to plan a work on your dissertation.

Research proposal

Start writing only after finishing a plan. How to write a dissertation thesis is the most important question which must be answered on the beginning stages of the process. The ability to specify thesis determines the ability to acknowledge dissertation questions and answer them.

Research proposal includes has the following structure:

  • Title page
  • Topic overview and concise review of literature used in the research work
  • Overview of data and methods of its research
  • A time schedule for completion
  • Ethical and logical consideration
  • Any limitations (if applicable)
  • Bibliography

Start with identifying a theme. When discovering materials concerning the subject of a dissertation, start forming research questions which will be used further. This is the time when you must find a supervisor for writing research work as well. Reference must be made carefully. It is better to cite literature right after reading and using it in the work in order not to confuse ideas and sources.

Introductory part

Introduction must be written the last. It represents thesis of the research work, outlines questions which are answered, and provides explanation of the importance of given research work. Introduction also includes literature review but it does not have to be overloaded with citations. Write scratches and keep the idea in mind. The introductory part may be rewritten many times until it becomes involving and understandable for broad auditory. This is the guide to a dissertation which promotes it to the other people and explains why it is interesting, exciting and worth exploring.

Literature review

Review of used material is written in categories. It must represent and conclude points of view which concern the main subject of the given research and explain relations between these viewpoints and theme of the paper. There might appear contrasting statements which appear in different sources and the explanation of particular choose must also be explained.  Some period of time will be spent on search. The literature review must not only represent used concepts, information, and ideas, but it must face your ability to think critically and show how the chosen literature influence your research.


Methodology shows methods of the work. To write the best work and successfully defense it writes methods which influenced the investigation process and how exactly they helped to complete it with the results which will be discussed later. There might be included philosophical understanding and explanation of given methods which creates the methodology applicable for this thesis. Do not hesitate to add your own thinking here. It will make the work attractive to readers and alive for those who are non-experts.


This section may include statistical data. For specific subjects, there may be implemented tables and graphs which represent results of given investigation. The data is better acknowledged when it is visually understandable and reachable. Results may be combined with discussion and conclusion.  In discussion section results may be described and discussed from different perspectives. Conclusion must represent its implementation in a modern world, contain advice for further researchers and users of stated findings and discoveries in this paper.

Academic aid

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