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How to write a dissertation thesis

Writing dissertation thesis is fun. Thinking about how exciting the process is, the question how to write a dissertation thesis doesn’t seem to be scary or confusing. It reminds a race on the Olympic games when you spend your life for preparations and then represent the result of many years’ work in a single performance. This makes the occasion important. When graduate knows how to write a dissertation thesis then it makes him confident in his strength and gives him assurance that dissertation represents all the bright sides and achievements of his hard work during many years.

Make a plan

Before start working, make a plan of your actions. Answer a question how to write a dissertation quickly without losing its quality. Answer the following questions:

  • How much time a day can I spend on planning?
  • How much time a day can I spend on writing chapters?
  • How much time a day can I spend on structuring dissertation?

Answering those question helps to complete the first variant thesis fast and without any loss of quality. This is not a sin to change the planned time for an hour a day, but it is compulsory to stick to the plan. It helps to do the assignment productive and fast.


Question how to structure a dissertation is another important thing researcher has to find the answer to. The good advice is to create a list of chapters before starting to write its contents. The list of chapters varies depending on specifics. If can contain the following:

  • Formatting
    • Title
    • Abstract
    • Contents
  • Chapters
    • Background
    • Review of literature
    • Methodology
    • Data analysis
    • Conclusion or discussion
  • Final formatting
    • Bibliography
    • Appendixes

Knowing this structure will make it easier to fill the work with content. The dissertation is a representation of your knowledge and ability to implement it to research. Most Ph.D. students are excited about their work. Accurate planning and structure will lead to comfortable workload and a successful result which together creates a positive atmosphere of the process.

Avoiding stressful situations

Which situations can cause stress during writing the dissertation? Stress can ruin everything. Stressful situation can appear not just before the defense of thesis but also during the process of writing.

Time schedule

Tight deadlines cause rush and rush cause mistakes and low quality of the work. This is a myth that a person is able to write a dissertation during a week. Deadlines are important. It is useful and for some people crucial to set his own deadlines which is one week earlier the official deadline scheduled by your professor for each chapter. This is a perfect way to avoid stress and get everything ready long before a due date. Early application is also preferable. Many professors prefer to check the work carefully without a rush.


Creating a sketch of a plan per day helps to organize time and be concentrated on work, not on time. To be as precise as possible, include food brakes, sport, meetings, friends, housework and other activities, which are regular, to a day plan. Remember all specifics of your personality. Start working and evaluate time period which is needed for every chapter.  Find a place where it is easy to concentrate. Start working on your dissertation only after finishing all the management and time scheduling parts.

Another popular stressful situation is bad results of evaluation by your professor and a necessity to change part or whole chapter. This situation should be considered. Be prepared to rewrite every part of your dissertation before giving it to your professor. Consider it when creating a time schedule for your thesis. Acknowledging that most chapters are incorrect in a week before a defense is stressful and destructive for an academic career.

These are simple rules to follow. Memorizing them will prevent Ph.D. students from stress, create comfortable workflow and grant with the joy of discovering subject which is important to the academic researcher without stress or rush.

Final steps: proofreading and editing

It is compulsory to proofread the paper before submission. Use dissertation writing services online if you don’ want to bother your professor with this. Cheap dissertation writing services will fasten the proofreading process and do it professionally. Your work will gain additional authority for you.


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