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Structure of your dissertation

Have you decided what the subject of your dissertation is and set the main questions to be answered, and then figure out how to structure a dissertation. Creating a plan or structure of your research work is the first step of your work. Its correctness defines success of the final paper.

What chapters to include?

The traditional answer to the question ‘how to structure dissertation’ includes the following sections:

  • Introduction or research proposal
  • Review of literature
  • Methods and methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

Each part is very important and different from the other. It must not in any way duplicate information in non-logical way. Make it simple. Do not skip any chapters of your thesis and plan its writing accurately.


This part is a door to your research. It opens a view to what is researched, sets question to be answered and provides short overview of literature. It explains why this research is important to modern academic world and why it worth a few years of your precise investigation. This chapter must be written the last. The questions are to be set at the beginning but they are better to be included to introductory part after the whole research is already completed. This chapter represents your work.

Literature review

How to write a dissertation chapter that represents literature is not a hard question to answer. This part shows your acknowledgement in the subject. It also represents the level of your research and shows the literature you used to provide valuable research for other academic workers and practicians. Be very careful here. Make sure not to miss literature with your ideas described in the work and make sure to cite every idea correctly. The good advice is to write down citations right after its usage not to lose them. Be as attentive a possible.


The question ‘how to write analysis chapter dissertation’ must be answered here. Represent everything you have gained and connect it with initially asked questions in the introductory part. Make it simple. If during the research you gained more results than expected, then include only those which influence initial questions and represent valuable results. Do not overload this chapter. Represent information in tables or graphs.


Here is where all the previously stated results must be discussed and explained. Use all your imagination, creative and critical thinking. Represent it correctly. This part is considered to be the main and the biggest of the whole thesis. Here you have a room for expressing philosophic ideas, implementation results in practice, and for representing your ability to analytical thinking. The chapter may be combined with conclusions.


This chapter provides answers to previously asked questions and summarizes the research work.  It must be written in understandable manner to non-academic audience. Keep it short and clear. Conclusion must close the door of your thesis and leave positive influence without the feeling of incompleteness and conflict.

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