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How To Write Review of literature in your dissertation

Starting to work on a dissertation is a big step in an academic life of many Ph.D. level graduates. This may become the beginning of a successful professional career in an academic world. Many scientists spent years on writing perfect research work. There is an uncountable amount of literature to be used in dissertation concerning specific field of expertise or subject. The question is how to write a literature review for a dissertation and what to start with.

The aim of literature review

This overview of used literature in a dissertation must show the list of articles, books, periodicals, and other publications which enlighten specific theme of a dissertation. It shows how deeply the subject was explored before. The overview must give the reader an understanding of how important the chosen subject is, how much is was studied previously and which research works were implemented in practice. The overview must also show the importance of researching this specific theme enlighten in dissertation and convince the audience that the theme was not studied enough and need further precise investigation.

Importance of literature review

There are many things to bear in head. The importance of acknowledging how to write a literature based dissertation is underappreciated by many academic researchers. The mistake of diving deep in thoughts and write them down is very popular because most of the researchers forget to check the idea he came within previously published literature. This problem is popular. Sometimes it can end up with unpleasant evidence that many ideas represented in the research work were already highlighted by other researchers.

Specifics of literature review

There is a list of specifics which should be noted.

Thesis acknowledgement

Every academic worker must know how to write thesis acknowledgements. The ability to formulate appropriate thesis based on represented material is core ability in writing dissertation process which represents previous research of the chosen subject and familiarity with represented literature. Thesis acknowledgement, however, is optional and gives a chance to express gratitude to everyone who helped and was supportive during the process including spouses.


It is well known how to write a dissertation introduction. But not everyone includes a brief overview of used material to this part considering it unnecessary. The first mentioning about the subject is to be taken from previously used material in order to represent the subject to an audience or to represent personal awareness. Pointing way to future research is also required. A good advice is to ask a friend to read the introductory part and express his opinion because it is important to write it in a manner understandable to everyone not specialized in the particular field.

Writing drafts and proofreading

Introduction part is the primer part which sees the reader. It attracts his attention or not and the task of every introduction is to make the dissertation attractive to every kind of reader. It has to be logically structured and precise. Writing drafts helps to understand what information is necessary and which can be skipped and mentioned further. Proofreading is necessary and should be done by a professional editor who will add important editing and provide reasonable critics to the provided work. This is also applicable to literature review part. There are many professional dissertation assistance offers which can be found online.

Dissertation proposal

Literature review should be included in the process of dissertation proposal writing. This is where the author must provide detailed information about every publication and material used during the research. It is important to do it accurately. The following aspects should be highlighted:

  • Theory or theme which is represented in the work
  • Used material and level of research of the subject for the present moment
  • Subcategories of outside study, if applicable
  • Conclusion of the represented material and its influence to the research.

If you are not assured that your literature review there is an option to ask professional proofreader to proofread and edit it for you. Your professor can be too busy to find mistakes and typos, but online proofreader can do it at a cheap price. This is convenient. It guarantees the accuracy of provided structure, logical representation, formatting style, citation (if any) and overall impression of a thesis proposal. Be assured that everything is done accurately before applying research work.


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